Workflow Setup - G Suite, Chrome, O365, RMM + Antivirus

Google Chrome

  1. Download & install Google Chrome.
  2. Open Chrome.
  3. In the top right, click the button with your name or People.
  4. Click Sign in to Chrome.
  5. Sign in with your business G Suite Account.
  6. To customize your sync settings:
    1. Click More > Settings.
    2. Near the top, click Sync.
    3. Choose what info you want to share across other signed-in devices.

*To sign in on Android or iPhone & iPad, please follow the steps here

Microsoft Office Suite (Office 365)

  1. You will need access to your Microsoft account credentials before following the steps below.
    1. Username: [name]@[company].[com] (same as G Suite)
    2. Password: [you should have gotten this sent to you from Microsoft back when your account was created]
  2. Download & install Microsoft Office.

*If you do not remember your password and need it reset and sent over, please contact us at support.

Antivirus + Remote Monitoring & Management Software

  1. Please contact us at support (or click contact in the top-right corner) to get the install files and required keycodes.